Birth Asphyxia Claims 811,000 Lives Each Year

Newborn deaths account for 40% of deaths under 5 years of age. Birth Asphyxia, a condition where a newborn is unable to begin breathing after birth, claims 811,000 lives each year – representing a quarter of total newborn fatalities.

There is a Skill Gap in Resuscitation

Although effective resuscitation can save most babies, it is difficult to perform and creates inconsistency in volumes delivered.

Further, there is a skill gap between health care providers that perform resuscitation and the amount of equipment available at facilities.

NeoBreathe Makes this Easier

By freeing one hand in resuscitation procedures, skilled operators can now simultaneously perform auscultations, compressions etc..

For less experienced operators, the freed hand can be used to form a two handed facial seal – improving effectiveness of the procedure.

How Does NeoBreathe Make this Easier?

In addition to freeing one hand, the inclusion of premium features such as PEEP, Manometer, FiO2 control and integrated suction allows for the procedure to be done with increased control and confidence.